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List of Muscles




Face, Neck
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List of Muscles

Common NameOriginInsertionAction
Gluteus maximus Illiac crest to the sacrum/coccyxFemurRetraction of the leg and lateral rotation of the leg
Gluteus medius Illiac crestFemur (great trochanter)Lateral and medial rotation and abduction
Gluteus minimus Illiac crestFemur (great trochanter)Lateral and medial rotationa nd abduction
Erector spinae Transverse processes on the vertebral columnTransverse and spinous process on the vertebral columnAntagonists to the abdominal muscles. Hyperextension and extension of the spine
Trapezius Skull to the vertebral columnScapulaRotation of the scapula, restraction of the skull
Rhomboids Vertebral columnScapulaRotation of the scapula
Levator scapulae Cervical vertebral columnTop of scapulaRaises the scapula
SupraspinatisRotator cuffScapulaHumerusAdduction of the arm, rotation
InfraspinatisRotator cuffScapulaHumerusAdduction of the arm, rotation
Teres major ScapulaHumerusAdduction of the arm, rotation
Teres minor ScapulaHumerusAdduction of the arm, rotation
Pectoralis major Sternum to clavicleHumerusAdduction
Deltoid Scapula and clavicleHumerusMoves the arm; abduction, rotation and retraction
Serratus anterior RibsScapulaStabilises the scapula
Lattissimus dorsi Vertebral column to sacrum & iliumHumerusAdduction, some retraction
Splenius capitus Top of the vertebral columnBase of the skullHyper extend vertebrae & lateral flexing
Iliacus Iliac crestTop & medial of the femurHip flexor
Psoas Base of the vertebral columnTop & medial of the femurHip flexor
Subscapularis ScapulaHumerusMedial rotation & stabilises shoulder
Sterno-cleido mastoid Clavicle and sternumOccipital and temporal boneRotate and flex the head. In deep breathing, raises the rib cage
Abdominus rectus SternumPubisFlexing lumbar vertebrae
Abdominus transversalis --Supporting trunk muscles
Internal oblique Pelvic girdleLinea albaTwisting the trunk
External oblique RibsPelvic girdle (opposite side)Twisting the trunk
Brachialis HumerusUlnaElbow flexor
BicepsBiceps brachiiHumerusRadius and ulnaElbow flexor
Coraco brachialis ScapulaHumerusAdduction
TricepsTricepsScapula and humerusUlnaExtend the elbow
Brachioradialis HumerusRadiusFlex and laterally rotate the elbow
Pronator teres HumerusRadius and UlnaSupination
Supinator radii brevis HumerusRadiusPronation and small inflexion
Flexor carpi radialis HumerusCarpalsFlexes the wrist joint
Extensor carpi radialis HumerusCarpalsExtends and abducts the hand
Extensor carpi ulnaris HumerusCarpalsExtends and adducts the hand
Flexor carpi ulnaris HumerusCarpalsFlexes the wrist joint
Flexor carpi digitorum Humerus and radiusCarpalsFlexes the hands and fingers
Extensor carpi digitorum HumerusPhalangesExtends the hand and fingers
Rectus femorisQuadricepsHipPatella, via ligament to TibiaFlex hip, extend knee
Vastus lateralisQuadricepsFemurPatellaExtend knee
Vastus medialisQuadricepsFemurPatellaExtend knee
Vastus intermediusQuadricepsFemurPatellaExtend knee
Biceps femorisHamstringsHipTibia, FibulaFlex knee, lateral rotation
SemimembranosusHamstringsHipTibiaFlex knee, medial rotation
SemitendinosusHamstringsFipTibiaFlex knee, medial rotation
Adductor longusHipFemurAdduction, lateral rotation
Adductor magnusHipFemurAdduction, lateral rotation
Adductor brevisHipFemurAdduction, lateral rotation
GracilisHipTibiaThigh adduction, extend knee
SartoriusTailors muscleHipTibiaFlex knee, abduction, rotation, flex thigh
Lower Leg
GastrocnemiusCalf muscleFemurCalcaneumPlantarflexion
SoleusCalf muscleTibia, fibulaCalcaneumPlantarflexion
Tibialis anterior TibiaMetatarsalDorsiflexion & lateral rotation (inversion)
Peroneus longus FibulaMetatarsalPlantarflexion and medial rotation (eversion)
Flexor digitorum longus TibiaPhalangesDorsiflexion
Extensor digitorum longus TibiaPhalangesDorsiflexion
Extensor hallucis longus Fibula1st PhalangeDorsiflexion and inversion
Face, neck and Scalp
Obicularis oculi Eye socket/orbitEye socket/orbitClose the eye lids
Obicularis oris Around the mouthAround the mouthPucker up
Masseter Zygomatic and maxillaMandiblesProtract the lower jaw
Buccinator Maxilla, mandiblesLip muscleCompress the cheek
Levator anguli oris MaxillaSide of the lipRaise the lip sides
Levator labii superioris MaxillaUpper lip and noseFlares naves and elevates lip
Mentalis MandibleChin below lower lipProtrudes lower lip
Zygomaticus ZygomaticAngle of the mouthLaughing
Temporalis TemporalMandiblesCloses the mouth
Nasalis MaxillaMaxilla. opp. sideHolds the naves (nostrils) open
Procerous NasalTop of the noseWrinkling your nose
Corrugator OrbitEye browPull eye brow down
Frontalis FrontalOccipitalWrinkle forehead
OccipitalisOccipitalFrontal Wrinkle forehead
Pterygoids Maxilla, spehnoid palatineMandiblesClose the teeth/jaw
Platysma Top of the chestMandiblesDepress, draw lower lip and open mouth