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Order of Massage




Chest and Neck

Abdomen Massage

With the client on their back, roll up the towel covering their torso down so that the abdomen is exposed. Proceed with the following steps:

  1. Diamond Effleurage

    Apply enough oil to cover the abdomen and from the top, centre of the abdomen, effleurage diagonally out to the sides, then back to the lower abdomen. Use little pressure.

  2. Centre stroke

    In a clockwise motion, stroke with one hand following th other areound the navel.

  3. Deep stroke

    In three stages, perform a stroke over the large intestine; ascending, transverse then descending. Pull the palm of your hand toward you for eah stroke.

  4. Wringing

    Gently wring pulling up against the hips, working up and down the sides to the rib-cage.

  5. Roll and pull

    With two hands, roll across then pull back.

  6. Effleurage with lift

    Effleurage then move the stroke underneath to the back, then gently but firmly lift the flesh to return the stroke to the stomach.

  7. Diamond Effleurage

    Repeat effleurage three times to conclude.