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Order of Massage




Chest and Neck

Order of Massage

The following is a guide to the order and timings of a massage.

Client care before the massage

  1. Prepare the room and the work area

  2. Take the client's coat and bags and put them somewhere safe and escort the client into the room.

  3. Carry out the consultation on the client.

  4. Ask the client to change, either into a robe or so he/she can get straight onto the couch.

  5. Cover the client with towels.

  6. Throughout the massage, areas not being treated must be kept covered and areas being treated must be well supported.

  7. It is essential that the client is comfortable and warm to aid relaxation.

  8. All essentials must be immediately to hand so that continuity of the massage may be maintained.

Order and approximate times:

Start with the client on his/her back. A small towel or pillow can be placed under the knees for comfort.

  1. Left leg - 7 mins

  2. Right leg - 7 mins

  3. Right arm - 5 mins

  4. Chest - 7 mins

  5. Left arm - 5 mins

  6. Abdomen - 5 mins

Turn the client onto his/her stomach. Place a small pillow under the abdomen if the client has large breasts.

  1. Back of the right leg - 5 mins

  2. Back of the left leg - 5 mins

  3. Whole of the back - 15 mins

These are only guidelines; you can alter the procedure and timing if your client requires something else.