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Order of Massage




Chest and Neck

Leg Massage

Back of the legs

With the client on the front, roll the towels covering their legs into the space between both legs. Proceed with the following steps:

  1. Effleurage

    Apply enough oil to cover the back of the legs and perform effleurage stroke three times.

  2. Squeeze the calf

    Place your hands over the calf muscle, thumb on one side, fingers on the other. Squeeze up the calf muscles, working on any tight areas with the thumb. Ease the tension towards the knee.

  3. Alternate deep stroking

    One hand on either side to the lower leg, three times on each side.

  4. Up the middle of the lower leg and down the side

    Repeat three times.

  5. Lift the foot with the lower leg at 90 degrees


  6. Gastrocnemius wring

    Lower the leg and wring the gastrocnemius.

  7. Knee draw

    Draw over the knee; cup your hands around the leg with thumbs together in the centre of the crease at the back of the knee. Slowly move your hands apart, drawing lightly over the crease with your thumbs.

  8. Calf percussion 1

    Light hacking of the gastrocnemius and soleus.

  9. Calf percussion 2

    Light cupping of the gastrocnemius and soleus. (Not inside or behind the knee)

  10. Double handed effleurage of the hamstrings and gluteals.

  11. Thigh squeeze

    Squeeze the thigh in a v-shape. Bring your hands together over the back of the thigh, starting just above the knee. Spread your hands wide so you have a thumb on one side of the muscles and fingers on the other. Lean into the stroke using your body weight to squeeze up over the thigh.

  12. Thigh wring

    Place one hand on the inside of the thigh, the other on the side nearest you. Pull your far hand back towards you, sliding the others in the opposite direction. Use pressure for a twist as you cross your hand.

  13. Thigh knead

    Press in with your thumbs and roll the muscles back towards you. Move up and down over the leg, feeling for tight spots and concentrate on areas where you feel there is tension.

  14. Thigh percussion 1

    Hacking of the hamstring and gluteals.

  15. Thigh percussion 2

    Cupping of the hamstring and gluteals.

  16. Thigh percussion 3

    Beating of the hamstring and gluteals.

  17. Thigh percussion 4

    Pounding of the hamstring and gluteals.

  18. Ankle circle

    Circle the ankle bone.

  19. Effleurage

    Effleurage the whole leg three times.

Perform the same movements on the other leg.