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Chest and Neck

Chest and Neck Massage

With the client on their back, roll the towels covering their upper torso down so that the upper chest is exposed. Proceed with the following steps:

  1. Effleurage

    Apply enough oil to cover the chest and shoulders. Stroke gently from the chin, down the neck to the chest, then laterally to the shoulders, around the back of the shoulders then draw back up the neck to the chin.

    Repeat three times.

  2. Neck pull

    At the end of the third effleurage, cup both hands beneath the neck and gently pull back towards you (not up).

  3. Side stroke

    In two stages, support the head around both ears, and turn the head to one side. Draw one hand from the shoulder to the cranium and draw with the other hand before the first has finished

    Repeat six times

    In two stages, bring the head back to the central position and repeat on the other side

  4. Finger petrissage

    Using your fingers, petrissge the underside of the shoulders, moving towards the neck. Effleurage to the shoulders and repeat three times.

  5. Thumb petrissage

    Repeat the petrissage but with your thumbs on the underside of the shoulders.

  6. Shoulder stroke and arm pull

    From the centre of the chest, make a deep stroke to the shoulders, turn your hands then stroke down the arm to the elbow, then hold.

    Repeat three times

  7. Knuckling

    From the centre, knuckle across the pectoral muscles to the outer chest.

  8. Thumb petrissage

    Gently perform petrissage across the pectoral muscles.

  9. See saw

    Stretch across the chest then hold at the shoulders with your thumbs in the groove under the armpit. Gently and slowly see-saw with arm pointing outwards. Push down and hold pressure, asking the client to take a deep breathe.

  10. Base of the skull petrissage.

    Draw around the shoulders to the back of the neck and gently massage the back of the base of the skull.

  11. Effleurage to finish.